Friday, November 7, 2008

Still Worried

ok, as for my blog yesterday, i still think something is going on, and that my friends arent telling me something, and im still worried about it
but my friend, luna, said "think if you're left out you should like, make being left out look GOOOOD"
and, yeah, i whink i will, ill act like nothing is wrong, and hopefully whatever is wrong, will go away :)
or one of my friends could be nice and tell me whats going on, but i doubt my friends will
i mean, i love them, but i cant trust any of them, except my bf, i trust him way alot

any way! the song of the day is So Fierce by Jeffree Star
its from his new album Beauty Killer
and the EP Cupcakes Taste Like Violence comes out soon and you can preorder it at
so go and pre-order it and show the love!!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


yeah, im in third period again.......really
but like yeah, its the last day of term!!!
yeah this term i have art 1, english, tech, and algebra
but next term i have art 2, english, begining tv, and algebra

ok, its not much better, but like yeah, at least i have art again! :)
i hope some one i no has it too.........cuz this term i was stuck with this one guy i no, i dont like him very much, but it was either talk to him or dont talk at yeah, i decided to become "friends" with him
but like yeah we actually kinda are friends now...............emphasis on the kinda
but like yeah, im kinda happy term is over.......this term has gone by so fast tho......
i dont like it......
i dont want all of high school to go by this fast, it wud be, like, weird
cuz all of the other school years have gone by slow for me, except for eighth grade, but i hated eighth grade so my friends know not to talk about it
but im babbling again, arent i?
ugh! im just so bored!
my ipod isnt to intertaining anymore.....
but like yeah, i think there is something going on......
thats like about me, but bad......and it worries me cuz i dont really know who my friends are anymore, and that worries me so much its not even funny
and, just yeah, i dont if what my frineds tell me is the truth, and it scares me, and im not easily scared.
but like yeah, im worried as hell
and i have no idea what to do
so.......yeah, im freaking out
and i really dont like it

the song of the day, is Blue and Yellow by The Used, its a great love song, listen to it!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Song Of The Day

Angel in Disguise by Cinema Bizarre
its kinda a romantic song but the voice is good the words are brilliant

(you make my heart go blind)

i am such an idiot

i am just so happy cuz i have a loving bf (well im guessing as much) and guess what i found out saturday
that two of my ex boyfriends are still madly in love with me
one, ill call him Jeff and the other i will call, Sven
ok so Jeff moved to Bend during the summer and i broke up with him because i cudnt handle the distance between us. and on saturday just randomly he texted me and told me that he still loves me and that he hasnt stopped thinking about me since he left
and i dont have any feelings for him, except hate. ill prolly tell you more about that later.

ok now Sven
ok well he moved the day after school got out last year to colorado and i started going out with him the dat b4 school started this year but again, i cudnt handle the distance. and i was tecting him to nights ago and he told me that he, too, is still in love with me
and that he wud kill for me and he wud die for me
romantic, huh?
but he knows about my boyfriend, nick
but he duznt care
and i kinda said yes to him
now i have two boyfriends
this will either end greatly or terribly
im worried
really worried.......

Friday, October 31, 2008


im sooo bored! im in third period tech class and it duznt get out for another half an hour! im listening to mcr but its not helping!

but im thinking of gerard and that is kinda helping......


ok, so today is halloween (woo hoo) well im usually totally excited for halloween but this year im just not into it. i figured out what i wanted to me just this morning. im gonna be an Mcr fan. i know, stupid right?
but to make matters worse, my best friend broke up with her boyfriend and he thinks i coached her into breaking up with him. i didnt tho. and she broke up with him because he is too clingy and really whiney, but i dont want to tell him that.
but my best friend broke his heart, and it saddens me. she broke another dudes heart this year too. and she duznt feel bad about it or anything. and that worries me, alot. and i just dont know what to do because he was my friend and now that she broke up with him and he thinks its my i have lost a friend.
why did this all have to happen on halloween?!
and on frankie's birthday too!?
im babbling, arent i?
oh well, i just would luv if someone would help me because yeah, im really lost...

but i have a boyfriend! and he is soooo awesome! but i think im falling for his best friend!
(i no, its bad)
but like yeah his friend is awesme too
but yeah
i no i love my boyfriend and even though his friend flatters me, i think ill just stick with the guy i have
good idea, right?